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Interesting Articles

Interesting Articles


Homeopathy is the natural and drug free choice for you...
Homeopaths treat you as an individual, tailoring your treatment to suit your particular areas of concern and your needs. We offer safe, effective natural treatment plans with no side affects for both acute and chronic conditions including, but not limited to:

Women's health concerns including:
•    painful or irregular periods
•    breakthrough bleeding
•    urinary tract infections
•    yeast infections
•    mood changes associated with the cycle
•    infertility
•    peri- and post-menopausal complaints
•    endometriosis
•    fibroids, polyps, and polycystic ovary syndrome
•    as well as pregnancy, birthing, and nursing concerns;

Acute health imbalances such as:
•    headaches
•    sore backs
•    colds and the flu
•    ear infections
•    nausea and vomiting
•    repetitive strain injuries
•    aches and pains
•    stomach upsets
•    burns
•    bee and insect bites
•    and many, many more!

Mental and emotional issues including:
•    depression
•    anxiety
•    obsessive-compulsive behaviour
•    fears or post-traumatic stress disorder
•    and we can help you to heal from miscarriage, death of a loved one, addictions, divorce, job loss, and sexual, physical, or emotional abuse

Physical ailments such as:
•    fibromyalgia
•    arthritis
•    MS
•    chronic fatigue syndrome
•    cancer
•    broken bones
•    damaged ligaments and tendons
•    diabetes

Lifestyle issues such as:
•    smoking cessation
•    weight loss
•    alcoholism
•    personal and professional abundance
•    sports performance

Homeopathy...for a Naturally Healthy Pregnancy...
throughout your pregnancy, use Homeopathy for:
•    Nausea & vomiting
•    Bleeding
•    Urinary tract infections
•    Muscle aches & cramps
•    Constipation
•    Hemorrhoids
•    Anemia
•    Heartburn & bloating
•    Hypertension
•    Yeast infections
•    Smoking cessation
•    Gestational diabetes
•    Fear of giving birth
•    Swelling & edema
•    Depression & anxiety
•    Tendency to miscarry
•    Emotional upset such as feeling overwhelmed or out of control
•    Recovery from past trauma such as sexual abuse or miscarriage

Facilitate the birth process with Homeopathy:
•    Turn a breech baby
•    Pain management
•    Natural labour induction
•    Hemorrhage
•    Fear, anxiety, shock, or the resurfacing of traumatic memories during birthing
•    Ineffectual or weak contractions, or non-progressive labour
•    Bruising and swelling
•    Retained placenta
•    Healing of episiotomy, or c-section incisions
•    Post-operative pain & discomfort

Use Homeopathy for post-partum and newborn care:
•    Jaundice
•    Colic
•    Diaper rash
•    Conjunctivitis
•    Bruising
•    Thrush
•    Mastitis
•    Low milk supply
•    Depression
•    Failure to thrive

Use Homeopathy for childhood conditions:
•    Ear infections
•    Measles
•    Bed wetting
•    Teething
•    Nightmares
•    Growing pains
•    Fears
•    Slow development
•    Chickenpox
•    Eczema
•    Allergies
•    Asthma
•    Difficulties at puberty

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What can Homeopathy do for you?

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