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Interesting Articles

Interesting Articles

1. Is my child sick or does he/she have a fever right now?

2.  Has my child had a bad reaction to a vaccine before?

3.  Does my child have a personal history of: convulsions, severe neurological reactions, allergies, or immune system disorders?

4.  Do I know if my child is at a high risk of reacting?

5.  Do I have full information on vaccine’s side affects?

6.  Do I know how to identify a vaccine’s reaction?

7.  Do I know how to report a vaccine’s reaction?

8.  Do I know the manufacturer’s number and lot number of the vaccine?  


Make an Educated Choice - Knowledge is Power

Ask 8 Before you Vaccinate

Ask 8 Before You Vaccinate

To help you make an informed decision please visit the following websites:




Homeopathy has been very successful in treating any adverse affects of vaccinations.

Gardasil - The Damage is Done