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Interesting Articles

Interesting Articles

Leaves of Three

Leaves of three...LET THEM BE!!!  We have all probably heard that little rhyme about poison ivy!  Most of us have either had poison ivy, or poison oak at one time or another, or, we know someone who has.  If you have ever needed to be treated for poison ivy you are not likely to forget the experience!  It can cause tremendous misery to those who get it and to those family members who have to endure their loved one's itching! Symptoms start 24-48 hours after the initial contact and include redness, inflammations, and rash.

Poison ivy is often difficult to spot.  It closely resembles several other common garden plants, and can also blend in with other plants and weeds. But if you come in contact with it, you will soon know by the itchy, blistery rash that forms on your skin.  It provokes an allergic reaction in about 85% of the population, and you will forever be on the lookout for the glossy three-leafed plant to avoid future contact.

Did you know that poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac all contain the same rash-causing substance?  It is called urushiol, a colourless, odourless resin contained in the leaves of the plants.  If you know you have been in contact with this substance your best defense against an allergic reaction is to wash immediately all areas of skin exposed with soap and water and remove all clothing that may have traces of the resin.

Poison ivy is a shiny plant bearing three-part leaves with pointy tips.  The middle leaf has a stalk and the leaves may have jagged or smooth edges depending on the variety.  In the fall the plant's leaves may appear reddish.  Generally you will see poison ivy growing on a vine, but it may also appear in a shrub!  So as you enjoy the outdoors camping, hiking, and biking, be on the lookout for this wild plant.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones to come into contact and have an allergic reaction...Remember Homeopathy treats poison ivy very effectively!

Homeopathy treats poison ivy very effectively

Leaves of three - LET IT BE!  POISON IVY!