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Interesting Articles

Interesting Articles

Christmas can be a stressful time, and is typically one of the most stressful events of the year.  The expense of buying gifts, the pressure of last minute shopping and the heightened expectations of family togetherness. All of this stress and hype of Christmas then leads us into winter, where some of us may begin to experience winter depression called seasonal affective disorder, or most commonly referred to as the “winter blues.” 

Unfortunately problems and misfortunes are a part of life, and most of us experience feelings of unhappiness when things don’t go as we would like. Such feelings are normal and they usually pass after a short time. Depression becomes an illness when the feelings are severe, last for several weeks, and begin to interfere with one’s work and social life. These symptoms are: inability to concentrate, sadness or despair, increased appetite (craving for sweet, starchy foods), weight gain, irritability, increased sleepiness and lack of energy. Depression is not something you can just “snap out of.” It is caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals, along with other factors, such as stress. 

Like any serious medical condition, depression needs to be treated. Homeopathy is a safe, natural alternative in the treatment of depression. Take charge of your depression one step at a time.

Do you get the winter blues?

Tis the Season to be Merry..... Or NOT!

Tis the Season